The M15 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle is an experimental variant of the M12 Force Application Vehicle. It features an enclosed seating area with a hatch on the roof for a passenger to shoot from. The rear turret is completely exposed, however. Configurable with a M41 LAAG Machine Gun Turret, a M68 ALIM Gauss Turret, or a M79 MLRS Rocket Turret. There is a possible Troop Transport in production.

Trivia Edit

  • With the Orion Modded Gametype, the M15 ARV was simply created by fusing a UNSC Crate to a Warthog.
  • Amongst the producers and actors, it was referred to as a Humvee because of its appearance. Even the script refered to it as a Humvee.
  • Although a Troop Transport may have been in production, it could not have existed in any videos because of modding limitations.
  • When Galaxar Gaming was fooling around with the gametype, KingOfYou115 made a Crate with Mongoose wheels. KingOfYou115 then experimented with other combinations of Crate and vehicle, and the M15 ARV was born.