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Jeffery Butcher
Vital statistics
Position Captain, Field Commander, Non-Militant
Status Active
Physical attributes
Armor Color(s) Steel, Red
Age Classified, Presumed Mid-20s
Height Classified
Weight Classified

Weapons DMR


Armor Abilities Sprint

Captain Jeffery Butcher is the field commander of Strike-team Orion.

Background Edit

Early Career Edit

Butcher was the Colonel's right hand man aboard the UNSC Hopeful Wishing. There he was part of an ODST squad. After seeing the rebels on Arcadia, the Colonel left the Hopeful Wishing to start a insurrectionist team on Reach. Butcher and two other men, yet to be identified, followed their leader and formed Strike-team Orion.

After successfully completing multiple operations, the UNSC forces on Reach focused their attention toward Orion. The UNSC completed Operation: TORCH AND BURN, turning their base of operations into an inferno. Only Butcher and the Colonel survived the event.

The Colonel hired Smith and Jones as the replacements for the lost team. Butcher met with them in New Alexandria after they finished training. There, he supplied both of them with sniper rifles. He was a little surprised that Smith managed to smuggle a SPNKr Rocket Launcher so deep into the city without being spotted.

Late Career Edit

Equipment Edit

Butcher has used many different weapons and equipment in the field.

Butcher uses a Designated Marksman Rifle the majority of the time. He uses a Magnum when trying to be stealthy.

Butcher uses Sprint most of the time, but rarely he uses Active Camoflage. Butcher loves stealing vehicles and using them against the UNSC.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Butcher was originally named Captain Butch, but his name was extended for more detail. This was during the time when they were planned to use their first names. This is also why Smith and Jones don't have that creative of names.
  • Butcher had very few lines during the writing phase, however this was fixed.